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Facing down my to-do monsters

Okay — the situation is, I have LESS THAN 2 hours to do . . . a trajillion things. (Why am I bothering with this blog post that probably nobody … Continue reading

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Signs You Have a Little Boy

Not to gender stereotype, but these are things I do NOT hear my friends with daughters mentioning! 1. Your child is obsessed with body functions. “Say ‘poop,’ mama!” “I sneezed … Continue reading

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Planning is Performing

It was one of those days — overslept just a little bit, and then spent the pre-work time finishing one task only to realize there was another yet to do. … Continue reading

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Work-Life Balance is a Myth.

I’ve been thinking about work-life balance a lot, and I’ve come to a conclusion: It. Does. Not. Exist. Because the idea of “balance” implies an equivalency between the two: work … Continue reading

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On “Mommy Guilt”

A friend recently posted on Facebook about leaving her baby for the first time to go on a business trip, and how it was hard to decide whether to go … Continue reading

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7 Steps to Finding the Right Daycare

Once my family made the choice to use a childcare center for our then-four-month-old, I agonized over how to find the right place. Thankfully, I found a great place where … Continue reading

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You are harder on yourself than anyone else is. This can mean you produce awesome results and accomplish cool things. It can also mean you get in your own way. … Continue reading

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