Inside the Glass Bottle

Right now, the only safe way to feed your baby is apparently from glass baby bottles with silicone nipples. OK, fine, I’m totes on board with that. I will go out and get glass bottles (in protective silicone covers, natch). I will avoid plastics, consider attachment-parenting and cloth diapering and making-baby-food-at-home and using all-natural cleaning products, and do all of the things I can find out to raise a happy, healthy baby.

I’m game.

But, let’s be honest — it’s all a little confusing. Just this past June, drop-side cribs were barred from sale in the United States. What of those parents who purchased BPA-free natural-wood…drop-side cribs in June 2010? The majority of their children are safe, but how chilling to look back and say “what could have happened if…” But also how frustrating to try and to “the right thing” and follow all the rules and still end up doing “the wrong thing.” And how frustrating for those parents who want to do “the right thing” but find that they can’t — the baby won’t latch onto the breast, the cloth diaper laundry builds up beyond all reason, post-partum depression gets in the way, one parent has to travel more for work than expected.

We’re all trying to do the Right Thing, whether parents or not, whether employed or not. And that’s what this blog is about. Chronicles of trying to get it right at home, at work and in life.  I won’t always be right, I will probably take back things I’ve said before…but I suppose that’s all part of the journey!

Gotta run. Morning sickness (a total LIE, BTW — unless “morning” = “any fricking time of day or night!”) is still with me at 15 weeks and I have lemonade to drink (OB’s suggestion), laundry to do,  and work to work on.

Can’t I just sit here, gestate, and read about glass bottles?


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