I used to be a side sleeper. Never had a problem with insomnia or the like, and generally woke up feeling fine. Then, a few years ago, I read somewhere that sleeping on one’s side can lead to longer term hip and knee problems. So I set about taking steps toward become a back sleeper. (And, apparently, worked hard to go from “conciliatory and compromising” to “self-motivated and self-involved”).

And it worked! I’ve been sleeping soundly and comfortably on my back for a few years. I like the deep stretch I get before falling asleep, and stretching out after I wake up.

And now I learn in my handy little pregnancy guide that sleeping on your back can cut off circulation to yours and the baby’s heart. Great! In fact, the best position is…sleeping on your side.

So now I’m trying to go back to that! I told my husband right away we needed a more comfortable pillow for this to work. He said to just buy a $10 body pillow from Target. The result — sleeping on my side felt like trying to sleep wrapped around a tree trunk. Not so helpful. I finally got a Snoogle body pillow that wraps around me and is a more reasonable density/height.

But it’s still a struggle. I often wake up on my back and have to remind myself to turn over. If I hadn’t set about this course of self-improvement back a few years ago, I wouldn’t have this problem and may have been able to save the $50 I spent on the Snoogle!

It just goes to show you — if you think you need to break a bad habit, don’t. Just like the clothes in the back of your closet, that bad-for-you habit will eventually become trendy. And you won’t have to have lifted a finger! 🙂


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