On Cultivating Patience

flickr user SteveSloj. Funny how growing impatiens takes patience!
flickr user SteveSloj. Funny how growing impatiens takes patience!

The dog was barking. The baby was heading toward the Christmas tree. The husband was speaking loudly on a work call. The work I had not yet finished was sitting in the back of my mind, sending guilt vibes.

Amidst the loud and the chaos, I stopped. Took a deep breath. Sighed. Felt content. Gently told the dog to hush, pulled the baby back from the tree, shut the office door. Reminded myself I had scheduled time for work later.

Of the many virtues I admire in others, patience is one of the attributes I would like to cultivate. Patience in the face of anticipation, patience in the face of stress, patience with others. We’ve all been on the receiving side of impatience, and it does not feel good to have it communicated to us that we are contributing to someone’s difficult time.

So I am tackling cultivation of patience. I have a project that I am working on that I wish I could just announce, but need to do some planning first. I have a medical visit that I am feeling anxious about and just want the results right now. I have some anxieties about getting through the holidays.

So to practice and learn patience, so that I can be present for those who need me, enjoy the now rather than wishing it away.

Ideas I have: daily meditation (Yoga Journal has a cool 28 Day Meditation Challenge), mindfulness exercises, physical exercise, eating well.

Let’s see where this goes!


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