Signs You Have a Little Boy

Not to gender stereotype, but these are things I do NOT hear my friends with daughters mentioning!

1. Your child is obsessed with body functions.

“Say ‘poop,’ mama!” “I sneezed out of my butt!” “Daddy poops! Mommy poops! Everybody poops!” -all quotes from my 2 year old this week.

2. You get That Call from daycare

Thankfully, NOT the “come get your child, as he is projectile vomiting on the sensory bin” call, but the “everything is fine, but we wanted to let you know that he was about to take a nap when he announced he had a sticker in his nose. We used tweezers to fish it out, and looked in there with a flashlight and we don’t see anything else. We reminded him that stickers don’t go in your nose.”

3. You get excited when you see a digger, a train, or any type of unusual vehicle

I swear, I was *this* close to elbowing a coworker and shouting when we were outside and a news helicopter flew overhead.

4. Rocks — everywhere

Being handed to you at the playground, rolling around in the washing machine after falling out of a pocket, sitting on the front porch, in the dog’s water bowl. There is just something about rocks!

5. The obsession with the pen15 (<– avoiding being flagged as an “adult” blog + any opportunity to harken back to those middle school days!)

Some boys start this in infancy, some wait until toddlerhood, but at some point the penis becomes a main focus. I was changing my son’s diaper outside on a windy day (he was standing up) and he looked at me with concern and said, “my pen-iss blow off, mommy?” (That’s how he pronounces it)

6. You worry about how to help him grow into a good man.

How can I make sure he respects women? That he will stand up for himself? That he stays away from violence, drugs, and decisions that lead to making a girl pregnant before she and he are ready? That he stays away from hurt in general and keeps at least some amount of his little boy sweetness? That he grows up but doesn’t grow away too much? That the world doesn’t replace his innocence with anger? That he will know he can always count on me, no matter what? That he will forgive me one day for talking about his “pen-iss” on the Internet?


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